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posticon Las Vegas-Swoosh Schedule is now Posted for Swift Yucaipa 5/6 & Yucaipa 7/8: May 27-30

Swoosh Memorial Day Magic Tournament Schedule in Las Vegas for Swift Yucaipa 5/6 & Swift Yucaipa 7/8 is now posted for this weekend, May 27-30.

For a complete schedule and locations click this link:

Centennial High School (C)
10200 W. Centennial Pkwy.
Las Vegas, NV 89149
Centennial Hills YMCA (C-YMCA)
6601 N. Buffalo Dr.
Las Vegas, NV 89131
Heinrich YMCA (H-YMCA)
4141 Meadows Ln.
Las Vegas, NV 89107
Durango Hills YMCA (D-YMCA)
3521 N. Durango Dr.
Las Vegas, NV 89129
Desert Pines High School (DP)
3800 E. Harris Ave.
Las Vegas, NV 89110
Liberty High School (L)
3700 Liberty Heights Ave.
Henderson, NV 89052
Hoop City (HC)
7770 Dean Martin Dr.
Suite 305
Las Vegas, NV 89139

Door Charge:
3-Day Tournament Pass
Youth (6-12yrs)…..$15
Single Day Pass
All Ages……………$10

Swift Yucaipa 5/6 - 6th Grade Girls National
Pool A
Swift Yucaipa 5/6
CA Triple Threat Elite (TT)
EBO 5/6th
LV Bulldogs

Pool B
Utah Raiders Basketball
Aikanes 6
Sting Basketball Club

9:00am...Swift Yucaipa 5/6 vs. TT (CY)
11:00am...LV Bulldogs vs. TT (H)
11:00am...Swift Yucaipa 5/6 vs. EBO (CY)
1:00pm...Utah Raiders Basketball vs. Aikanes (H)
1:00pm...90TEN vs. Sting Basketball Club (H)
3:00pm...EBO vs LV Bulldogs (H)
3:00pm...Utah Raiders Basketball vs. Sting Basketball Club (CY)
4:00pm...90TEN vs. Aikanes (CY)
11:00am...Swift Yucaipa 5/6 vs. LV Bulldogs (H)
11:00am...EBO vs. TT (H)
1:00pm...Utah Raiders Basketball vs. 90TEN (H)
1:00pm...Sting Basketball Club vs. Aikanes (H)
10:00am...1A vs. 1B (H)
10:00am...2A vs. 2B (H)
11:00am...3A vs. 3B (H)
11:00am...4A vs. 4B (H)

Swift Yucaipa 7/8 - 8th Grade Girls American
Pool A
Cen Cal Chaos
EBO 7/8th
Swift Yucaipa 7/8
Vegas Heat Black

Pool B
Lady Warriors Black
LV Bulldogs
VEBC 8 Blue

9:00am... Vegas Heat Black vs. EBO 7/8th (H)
10:00am...Cen Cal Chaos vs. Swift Yucaipa 7/8th (C-YMCA)
12:00pm...Swift Yucaipa 7/8th vs. EBO 7/8th (C-YMCA)
4:00pm...WEBA vs. Lady Warriors Black (H)
5:00pm...LV Bulldogs vs. VEBC 8 Blue (C-YMCA)
7:00pm...WEBA vs. LV Bulldogs (H)
8:00pm...VEBC 8 Blue vs. Lady Warriors Black (H)
8:00am...Cen Cal Chaos vs. EBO 7/8th (D-YMCA)
9:00am...Swift Yucaipa 7/8 vs. Vegas Heat Black (D-YMCA)
11:00am...Cen Cal Chaos vs. Vegas Heat Black (D-YMCA)
3:00pm...WEBA vs. VEBC 8 Blue (H)
3:00pm...LV Bulldogs vs. Lady Warriors Black (H)
8:00am...3A vs. 3B (H)
9:00am...4A vs. 4B (H)
10:00am...2A vs. 2B (H)
11:00am...1A vs. 1B (H)

Please be there 45 minutes before each game time. Bring a lot of fluids. Good Luck to our Swift Teams this weekend. emoticon

Margaret K.
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