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New Photo Gallery

We have set up Swift_Basketball with a WEBSHOTS Photo Account. This will allow Margaret and Team Moms the ability to shoot, upload and display photos in all shapes and sizes. It will also allow everyone free and unlimited access to download photos and make full screen screensavers and wallpapers. I strongly recommend signing up for a FREE webshots account and take full use of the screensaver andwallpaper features. I have used Webshots for years and my clients love the screensavers I have on my computer. If you sign up, you receive the ability to upload up to 240 of your own photos free also. It is really very cool. This is a change from the photo gallery last year that limited the size of photos that could be uploaded. Team Moms please contact Margaret for instructions and password for uploading photos. This will also eliminate the downtime of sending them to the webmaster and waiting for the slowpoke to post them. Here is the link:

Swift Basketball Webshots Home Page
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