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posticon Information for Chicago Trip - July 12 - 15!

Here is the information for Nike Summer Showcase - Chicago:

Players that are going: (If you do not see your name email for more info.):

Black Team:
R. Sitivi
L. Clarendon
K. Kipp
A. Bookman
C. Kross
S. Hoagland
K. Caudill
D. Neazer
(A. Johnson - special arrangements)

Silver Team:
S. Moore
M. Mesa-Nauls
J. Thomas
D. Burnside
T. Jackson
N. Hamilton
A. Conwell
N. Cooper
C. Vazquez

Blue Team:
K. Philyaw
L. Kipp
F. Zulauf
M. Sullivan
J. Luna
S. Hauser
N. Jackson
A. Zarate
M. Long
(L. Barros - special arrangements)

Pink Team
L. Perales
C. Lavoy
A. Roman
T. Huscher
D. Khandelwall
K. Cox
A. Pena
J. Hinojosa
A. Thompson
K. Johnson

Coaches and Parents that are going - If you do not see your name please email for more info.):
M. Roman
L. Cox
D. Palmer
S. Pena
K. Huscher
D. Huscher
V. Lavoy
K. Johnson
M. Philyaw
S. Philyaw
S. Hamilton
H. Kennison
M. Kennison

Important Information:
Everyone must be at the airport by 4:30am because we have e-tickets and we have a large group trying to get all our boarding passes at one time. Please parents that are going Coach Herb and I will defintely need all your help to chaperon our players and make sure everything runs smooth.

Important Notice:
All players must pack light, no large suitcases we are playing in a tournament and you will be in uniform all day. Use your Hawaiian Sport Bag for your clothes and one more handbag or purse. The rental vans are limited spaces for luggages.

Parents: You are responsible for your daughter's food and entertainment money for the trip. Please provide your daughters with enough food and spending money for 4 days. You are responsible to take her to the Airport and picking her up. Coaches are not responsible for your daughter's way to and from the airport. Make arrangements with family members if you cannot take or pick up your daughter from airport. Coaches are having their family members drop and pick them up as well.


Parents: Make sure your daughter's medical card and all insurance information is provided for the trip. You are responsible for any cost due to injuries on the trip. You will be filling and signing Release Waiver Forms before they fly to Chicago.

Here is the Flight Information: "American Airlines"
Leaving from LAX (Los Angeles) - July 12th 2006 (Wednesday)
American Airlines Flight#1012 - 6:59am in the morning
Arriving ORD (Chicago O'Hare) - 1:03 pm in the afternoon

Returning Flight Information:
Leaving from ORD (Chicago O'Hare) - July 15th 2006 (Saturday)
American Airlines Flight#873 - 7:03 pm in the evenning
Arriving LAX (Los Angeles) - 9:26pm in the evenning

Parents be on time to pick up your daughter from the airport.

For Parents and Players that are over the age of 18 please bring government identification picture ID for you to be able to fly out (example - driver's license or passport). You do not want to be left out stranded at the airport while the rest of the team is flying out to Chicago. This is a must if you are over 18 years old to bring picture ID.

TEAM HOTEL Information:
Hampton Inn Chicago/Elgin
405 Airport Rd
Elgin, IL 60123
Ph: 847-931-1940
Free Buffet Breakfast

For more information about the tournament schedule and gym locations at Chicago visit (mapquest): and click on Chicago Summer Showcase.

Any concerns please contact Coach Herb at 951-515-3670. And for all of you that still owe on your fees please summit all your payments ASAP. Please make check payable to Swift Basketball and send it to:
PO Box 622
Corona, CA 92878

Margaret K.
Swift Coordinator

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Re: Information for Chicago Trip - July 12 - 15!

questions regarding games Saturday 7/15 late pm 3:30 to 4:45 or later ?? Will we be able to attend ?? due to flight out of Chicago at 7:03 pm??? Is 7:03 our time or Chicago time??

Please reply Thanks
Good Luck to all teams these next 2 weeks!!!!!

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